Your treasured art, antiques and collectibles are valuable liquid assets. With an up-to-date appraisal, you can …

We offer expert advice on which painting or antique to acquire next. If you are ready to sell, the Appraisal Group can advise you on sale venues that consistently command the highest prices.


The Appraisal Group has a 30–year record assisting in mediation, litigation prevention and swift resolution in matters of …

When going to court is unavoidable, David J. Goldberg, President of the Appraisal Group, is an experienced, irrefutable expert witness.


Curators and museum directors rely on us for the full slate of appraisal and insurance services related to …

Museums benefiting from our services include New Orleans Museum of Art, Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University and the National Museum of American Jewish History.


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See and hear from collectors, attorneys and museums that have benefited from David J. Goldberg's appraisal experience and expert witness testimony.